We want to configure the RSS feed for news/events items in the SXA site with two separate RSS links for each type. Feed generation works for news, but throws errors to the events feed.

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Please suggest what the issue will be for this particular item type.

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Seems to be some issue with data related to date in your Event section. If your data is huge and can't check manually you can try to update the RSS query in Data\Link

enter image description here

Like here I have added Publish Date check, you can also try some queries with your feed.

Also before setting up the query here, it is good to test it in PowerShell, so if it works there then RSS feed should be good e.g. enter image description here

get-item -Path "master:" -query"/sitecore/content/Site/Home//*[@Publish Date > '20220101']"

For anyone coming across this issue, this might be caused when the item that has Feed Renderer rendering contains no versions in context language and fields that are set up in RSS design do not exist as a result. Therefore, i.e __Updated or __Never Publish fields under the statistics section will result in this error. As the error is not self-explanatory, it is best to try a different item to drive our feed to exclude this issue or if the listing is fairly small manually try to find the faulty item.

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