Unicorn V4.1.1

Sitecore V9.3

For one of my project Sync button is not showing on the /unicorn.aspx

Here is the unicorn.config.config which is there.

Can anybody suggest what setting might be missing for sync button to appear? Also please note that sync button is appearing for other sites, just not for a particular one.

<configuration name="TestSite 2016" description="Test Site 2016 serialized item paths.">
          <predicate type="Unicorn.Predicates.SerializationPresetPredicate, Unicorn" singleInstance="true">
            <exclude database="core" path="/sitecore" />
            <include name="c" database="master" path="/sitecore/content/TestSite 2016" />
            <include name="m" database="master" path="/sitecore/media library/TestSite 2016" />
            <include name="l" database="master" path="/sitecore/layout/Layouts/Layouts/TestSite 2016" />
            <include name="r" database="master" path="/sitecore/layout/Renderings/Renderings/TestSite 2016" />
            <include name="t" database="master" path="/sitecore/templates/Templates/TestSite 2016" />
            <include name="a" database="master" path="/sitecore/system/Aliases/TestSite 2016" />
            <include name="md" database="master" path="/sitecore/layout/Models/Models/TestSite 2016" />
            <include name="io" database="master" path="/sitecore/system/Settings/Rules/Insert Options/Rules/DuFR_Custom_InsertRules_1" />
            <include name="ps_audits" database="master" path="/sitecore/system/Modules/PowerShell/Script Library/SPE/Reporting/Content Reports/Reports/Audits/TestSite 2016"/>
            <include name="pss" database="master" path="/sitecore/system/Modules/PowerShell/Script Library/SPE/Maintenance/Task Management/Scripts/TestSite2016" />
            <include name="tsk" database="master" path="/sitecore/system/Tasks/Tasks/TestSite2016" />
  • Maybe there are some errors.. Can you share the screenshot or the error details (highlighted in orange background with white text), that is found in /unicorn.aspx? Jul 10 '20 at 10:21
  • @PaulsonMaclean, there is one in the top and also for this specific project.which one you are refreing to? Jul 10 '20 at 10:58
  • 1
    For the project that is missing the sync button.. Jul 10 '20 at 11:29
  • 1
    what's <exclude database="core" path="/sitecore" /> doing in the predicate?
    – Mark Cassidy
    Jul 10 '20 at 11:46
  • 3
    But generally speaking; a predicate will refuse to sync if A) the root folder for the predicate is not present on disk. Often due to misconfiguration. Or B, the predicate relies on a root iterm in Sitecore that does not exist.
    – Mark Cassidy
    Jul 10 '20 at 11:47

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