I am opening a modal window using

<a href="@Url.Action("SearchModal", "Myctrler",new { id =itemVal })"
                                   onclick="window.open('@Url.Action("SearchModal", "Myctrler",new { id = itemVal })',
                                                        return false;">

In the My contoller i am returning Searchview using

public ActionResult SearchModal(string id)
            ModalData msd = repository.getData(id);
            return View(msd);

But none of the css is reflecting from sitecore in the view .Can anyone pls suggest?


The way you have the code setup, you are bypassing Sitecore and just rendering an MVC View using @Url.Action in a new window. If you want to take that approach, you would need to add a reference to the stylesheet in your view.

A better approach would be to build a JavaScript based modal that would then have the markup inline and pick up the styles of the site. Have a look at existing modals like the Bootstrap Modal that works in this way.

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