We have created extranet user in Sitecore CMS to authenticate user in CD website for POST method.

Below is the code written for same.

AuthenticationManager.Login(domain + @"\" + username, password, true, false);

Even we tried to use below:

System.Web.Security.Membership.ValidateUser(domain + "\" + username, , password)

User is getting Authenticated in Standalone environment (DEV and Local) but on scaled environment with 2 CD servers this method is always returning false even after passing admin user.

What i am missing here?

  • pl check if sticky session is enabled on Load balancer – Abhay Dhar Jul 27 at 11:35
  • Thanks Abhay for the response. Sticky session is enabled. – Jitendra Ghanekar Jul 27 at 11:38
  • can u pl try once in incognito mode or use a new browser – Abhay Dhar Jul 27 at 11:59

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