We are looking for a solution where we need to have multiple * items inside a node and each * node have its own presentation details for example • Program(Demo Program) • Home • Modules * (Detail Pages) * (Filter Pages) * (Tags Pages)

*Detail Page will have a unique data-source which points to the bucket item and the datasource for a rendering is resolved ( Implemented) enter image description here We have to make the individual item bucketable.

we have made only one item bucketable at a time. In this way, you do not make any changes to the template that will influence other items.

Content Tree, Modules are maintained as buckets under the program, with the "Bucketable" and "Lock Child Relationship" checkbox selected by default for all Programs is TRUE.

For the affected program "Demo Program", "Bucketable" and "Lock Child Relationship" checkbox in the Sitecore Item corresponding the program, were displaying as unchecked causing the modules buckets items under it move out of the program bucket, to an orphan bucket tree structure.

Sitecore default "Lock child relationship" checkbox automatically removed from program level(Attached Image), below child items got moved to orphan bucket tree structure, can anyone help me on this related issue

We are looking for the solution as soon as possible

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