I face an issue while setup Habitat 1.8.1 on Sitecore 9.2

I'm using visual studio 2019 "installed in 'D' drive not 'C'" , node 10.18.0 , gulp CLI version: 2.3.0 , gulp Local version: 3.9.1 ,

I noticed that code try to use msbuild from "C" drive maybe this is old installation, but new visual studio 2019 and MSbuild installed in "D" drive .

build error


After a lot of tries i had to uninstall visual studio from "D" and remove MSBuild from 'Registry Editor' in this location "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSBuild" and install visual studio again in "C" Drive , which leaded to a new KEY add in the Registry with the correct path of MSBuild

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