I am getting an SQL exception in the XConnect application.


["XdbContextLoggingPlugin"] XdbContext Batch Execution Exception


MessageTemplate: [{0}] XdbContext Batch Execution Exception
Exception type: Sitecore.XConnect.Operations.FacetOperationException
Application: XConnect

The only changes I have done before getting this error are updating the license of the XC-Search web app.

For info, I am using Sitecore 9.2 in Azure PaaS.

  • Is that the full error? – Chris Auer Aug 25 at 19:31
  • yes.. no stack trace – Arkadeep Aug 26 at 7:14
  • Do you have any idea what code is calling this, meaning is it your custom facet searches or just Sitecore code. – Chris Auer Aug 26 at 22:28
  • how did you changed the license? Experience Profile is heavily using xconnect search API can you search for contacts in Experience Profile? does it show you anything? – Mohamed Ahmed Aug 27 at 5:03

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