I've got a Sitecore 9.0.2 site that will migrate from WebForms to MVC in the near future. First, we are componentizing the site and are building reusable components for a Two-Column container.

The question is:

Does the OOTB dynamic placeholder functionality for Sitecore 9 support WebForms? The documentation only has examples for MVC:



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No, the OOTB Dynamic Placeholders in Sitecore 9+ does not support Webforms. The implementation is in the Sitecore.Mvc namespace, a.k.a. this is an MVC-only implementation.

If you need to support Webforms then you would need to fallback to rolling your own or using one of the community implementations (such as Fortis Dynamic Placeholders), but you may need to update them to be compatible with Sitecore 9+.

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