My language fallback is configured like de-ch and de-at will fallback to de-de and de-de fallback to en.

I created one item in de-de only with fallback enable so this item can browsed in de-ch and de-at as fallback is set. There is no version in English for this item

When I am browsing item in de-de, ItemManager.GeVersions(ContextItem, new language(“en”)).count Is giving count as zero. But when browsing in de-ch or de-at, ItemManager.GetVersions(ContextItem, new language(“en”)).count is giving count 1. Why it’s giving count 1 for fallback items? Could any one help me finding this?

Thanks, Saicharan.M

  • As per my understanding fallback flow as below de-ch | de-at --> de-de de-de --> en Ideally, count should not 1. I would suggest to go with below link and check with alternative code, see if it helps. stackoverflow.com/questions/8231987/… – Pradeep Gupta Sep 3 '20 at 5:45

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