Im running into an issue that is only happening for our non english users. This issue is only happening with a specific Page Template as well.

When a regional user click on the Add new Version button nothing happens. enter image description here

In the versions tab the Add button is grayed out.

enter image description here

I check the console to view the request that is being made when I click "Add New Version" and this is what I see as the response.

         "value":"Please wait while the Content Editor is loading.",
         "key":"Please wait while the Content Editor is loading."

Ive checked the logs and I dont see any errors or anything. Also this is only happening with this specific page template. I have verified access and security rights as well and it looked like they should have access.

Has anyone seen this before or is there something I need to do to that specific page template to allow regional users to add new versions?

Running Sitecore 8.2


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