Our organization is using the base code as given in the below mentioned Github repository for client side embedding of the JSS react application in Sitecore 9:-


The JSS application is included as minified javascript bundles in the Sitecore website.

On running the application in IE11, we receive the following errors:-

  1. SCRIPT1003: Expected ':' - This error comes in the wcms-jss-client.bundle.js file (This bundle is created using the Commonschunkplugin as mentioned in the webpack.client.js file in the build folder of the Github repository.
  2. SCRIPT5009: 'webpackJsonp' is undefined - This error comes in the client.bundle.js file that is generated using webpack for the webpack.shared.js file in the build folder of the Github repository & it corresponds to the Client.js entry point.

In order to resolve the above mentioned issues, we installed & added the entry for babel-polyfill in webpack.client.js as mentioned below:-

const merged = merge({}, expandedSharedConfig, {
    name: 'client',
    target: 'web',
    entry: {
      // main entry point for the client application; src/client.js
      client: ['babel-polyfill', './client.js'],

Also, in order to resolve the second issue that was related to webpackJsonp, we added the below mentioned rule to the webpack module section in webpack.shared.js file:-

rules: [{
      exclude: /node_modules\/(?!(color-convert|ansi-styles|strip-ansi|ansi-regex|debug|react-dev-utils|chalk)\/).*/

Although, the JSS react application worked in IE11. However, after client side embedding the application bundles in Sitecore as below:-

 <script src="/dist/wcms-jss-app/wcms-jss-client.bundle.js"></script>
 <script src="/dist/wcms-jss-app/client.bundle.js"></script>

the same errors are encountered in IE11.

Can someone help in this regard?

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