looking for settings to open microsite uploaded to media library in browser.

In the past we would take an Adobe Captivate html export load it into a folder in the media library and run the .html from the folder eg. http://website.com/-/media/elearn/index.html. When we upload the same directory structure to our new site in azure using 9.1.1 the file downloads rather than running the site in the browser like it does on 7.2.

This worked well on 7.2 but seems to not work in 9.1.1 any help is appreciated.

  • Can you please add details about what your process looked like on the older version and what you see now? Screenshots would be helpful. – Michael West Sep 19 at 8:26

Don't upload that to the media library - create a folder in your instance and add that folder to the IgnoreUrlPrefixes setting in the Sitecore settings config.

Just make sure that IIS is configured to serve up static html files and you should be good to go.

Putting those files in the media library creates un-necessary load on the Sitecore instance.

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