I am having trouble debugging why my CPU utilization occasionally reaches 100%!

The query I see which is taking time is

        SELECT TOP 1
        INNER JOIN
            [xdb_refdata].[Definitions].[ID] = [xdb_refdata].[DefinitionMonikers].[ID]
            [xdb_refdata].[DefinitionMonikers].[MonikerHash] = @hash AND
            [xdb_refdata].[DefinitionMonikers].[Moniker] = @Moniker AND
            [xdb_refdata].[Definitions].[TypeID] = @TypeID

Can someone tell me if the above query is the one causing the issue or if it only the victim?

Also, how can I identify where the issue lies?

If I recycle the CM and XDB services the performance is back to normal.

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