I am using Sitecore 9.3 JSS with a virtualFolder site setup. My JSS site is located at /jss while there is another (MVC) site running at /.

When running jss start:connected I get "Placeholder not found". This is caused by the fact that the call to the Layoutservice uses the root content item of the MVC site (at /). (manually changing the item id gives the correct result)

Adding the site name, e.g. &sc_site=jss also solves it.

Is it possible to configure the item or site name passed to the Layoutservice using JSS?

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Solved by adding sc_site: config.jssAppName to the RouteHandler.js query string parameters.

Edit RouteHandler.js:

function getRouteData(route, language) {
  const fetchOptions = {
    layoutServiceConfig: { host: config.sitecoreApiHost },
    querystringParams: { sc_lang: language, sc_apikey: config.sitecoreApiKey, sc_site: config.jssAppName },
    fetcher: dataFetcher,

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