I am using Sitecore 9.3 SXA, wherefrom main page on button click I am redirecting to the video page where we have SXA Tab component below the video. Upon redirecting, the page is getting scrolled to the bottom where the tab is.

I have debugged the tab js, component-tabs, found that when if condition in the below code is hitting, the page is getting auto scrolled to the component as the tab-heading is having some scroll height and scroll width property. If I try by changing or removing the "tab-scrollable" class in the js, the tabs are not functioning.

api.initInstance = function(component) {
   var $tabModule = component.find(".tabs-inner");
   if (component.hasClass("tabs-scrollable")) {

Is there any way to restrict the auto-scroll?

Thanks in advance


Got the fix for my issue. Basically in original js for tabs line number 247 was causing the auto scroll. So added an unique class ('dummy-focus' here) in the top container of page and added the script

const element = document.getElementsByClassName('dummy-focus')[0];

after $tabNav.first("li").focus(); (line 247)

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