I am trying to install Sitecore 9 update 2 on Azure. I am getting this error:

Package deployment failed ARM-MSDeploy Deploy Failed: 'Microsoft.Web.Deployment.DeploymentClientServerException: Missing source parameter 'Search Provider' (Sitecore Search Provider). This must be set for successful synchronization

In the nested/application.json it has the following var/param defined.

"variables": {
              "searchProvider": "[if(empty(parameters('solrConnectionString')), 'azure', 'solr')]",

below that section has:

"setParameters": {
              "Search Provider": "[variables('searchProvider')]",

I found that someone had an answer for this type of issue for a previous version of Sitecore 8.2. In the Deployment Scripts section on this page: https://github.com/HedgehogDevelopment/AzureDeployTemplates/blob/master/Blog%20Posts.md But it doesn't look like my version 9.0.2 has the same file structure.

They said they got the fix from Bas Lijten but when I went to his contact page http://blog.baslijten.com/contact it's broken. :) (Murphy's Law)

So if anyone can offer any help I would really appreciate it.

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In case you are going to use Solr for Sitecore, you have to pass a value to solrConnectionString property from azuredeploy.parameters.json file.

Add a new entry into the parameters json file, then pass your SolrConnectionString value from the Powershell script by adding it into the Parameters variable.

"solrConnectionString": {
      "value": ""

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