This is about authenticated website where we need to display banner only once for logged in user i.e. if same user logged in anytime in future , banner shouldn't be displayed. Can we achieve this with Sitecore Rule Engine with some customization, adding rendering parameters in component? Banner is just a simple HTML having 3-4 lines. Think about running a campaign for different set of users.

  1. Banner should be displayed to selected set of user ids only.This means we need to think about where to keep those user ids in Sitecore.

  2. We could have 3 different banner and accordingly 3 different set of user ids will be given. In this case each individual banner with be displayed to only selected set of users respectively. For example

    Banner1 + UsersSet( user1,user2 ) = Banner1 will be displayed to given users only

    Banner2 + UsersSet( user3,user4 ) = Banner2 will be displayed to given users only

Found this nice article CLICK HERE but this is page level and I'm looking for building a reusable component which can be used in any other website in my organization

Sitecore version : 8.2

Update 10/28/2020

I created below sitecore rule and able to show/hide banner based on username

where the current username is in [UserGroupId,Tree,root=/sitecore/content/User Group,specific] group

Now I'm looking for solution where banner should be displayed only once to user i.e. user will not see same banner going forward.

  • yes sure if you can create the rule. you can display or hide a banner, a separate rendering. – Jan Bluemink Oct 26 '20 at 14:47

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