When I add an image through experience editor this is the image tag I get when I inspect the source.

<img src="/sitecore/shell/-/media/image.jpg?h=2796&amp;iar=0&amp;w=4554&amp;la=nb-no" width="4554" height="2796" sc-part-of="field">

When I save, the tag is replaced with this:

<img width="4554" height="2796" class="HeroProdukt-bg-image scEnabledChrome" src="/sitecore/shell/-/jssmedia/image.jpg?h=2796&amp;iar=0&amp;w=4554" sc-part-of="field">

The code for rendering the image is :

<Image className="HeroProdukt-bg-image" field={image} />

How can I get the class on the newly added image?


Found a workaround. Simply create a span around the image and style that like this:

<span className="HeroProdukt-bg-image" >
    <Image field={image} />

Style is then like this:

.HeroProdukt-bg-image img {

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