I am using below Powershell command to read CSV file from directory:

$importData = Import-CSV "C:\Projects\news_sample.csv"

It's working fine on my local Sitecore instance and machine. I am running the same script on Azure CM instance and it's not working and throwing the error Directory not found.

Can anyone please let me know, how can I get the server path, I have put the CSV files on the Server using Filezilla but not able to determine the server path? Is there any Powershell command the same as Server.MapPath("~path") in C#?


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In PowerShell you can use the Sitecore.IO.FileUtil.MapPath method to get your path:

$folder = [Sitecore.IO.FileUtil]::MapPath("~/path")
$importData = Import-CSV "$($folder)/news_sample.csv"
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    Thank you so much @Richard, it's solved my issue. Nov 12, 2020 at 4:43

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