Why am I getting the error "A serious error occurred please contact the administrator" when using the Experience Editor in Sitecore?

  • can you please open the Editor again and check the logs are there any exceptions? Dec 4 '20 at 21:36
  • @JonKoivula in this instance, I got an anti-csrf token error, but in reality anything which is causing errors for AJAX requests/posts could result in the same error message to the user/editor. Dec 7 '20 at 11:02
  • Yes thats true. Is there anyways you could update the post with the exception error from log file? I have had this same error bunch of times and usually the root cause can be found from log file. So I recommend opening first editor and check exception error from log file and post it here. Otherwise this is just guessing. Dec 8 '20 at 8:08

Anything which alters URLs e.g. URL rewrites etc could potentially cause this error. Also, we had some code which was generating a new anti-csrf token which caused the above error.

Sitecore logs are sometimes not very helpful, in which case check the browser console window for any failed AJAX requests which can provide further info.

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    Was facing a similar issue when adding the rendering on the page and after a page refresh, it disappeared. It was also a failed AJAX request. Dec 4 '20 at 12:45

Usually, the root cause is an expired session. As a result, it might fail during AntiForgery validation or when PreviewManager.GetShellUser() returns null. Please check your log files and search by this "Error processing command url:" text, I believe you'll find more details.


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