How can we implement a "Buy one get one free" promotion in Sitecore Commerce.

There is no such benefit rule related to this OOTB in Sitecore Commerce.


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For Buy 1 get 1, manual add to cart --> Use price card snapshot (tiered pricing) Example

  1. Price for 1 - 10$ each
  2. Price for 2 - 5$ each
  3. Price for 3-100 - 10$ each

For Buy 1 get 1, if it is auto add to cart --> In SXC 9.3, you can create an action for Free Gift (similar to SXC 10 action). Once you have the custom action ready, BOGO is as easy as adding a qualification "if cart item has quantity = 1 of a product" then (action) add free product to cart (custom action)

For Buy N get N, it becomes tricky and you may have to use combinations price cards or build custom actions

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