I need to add a custom button for EE and run a script if the user clicks on the button. basically, I know how to create a button at the core database at


and I know that I need call command like item:executescript(id=$Target,script={93BAF91E-1111-4C90-8A1F-5AF71C9B7033},scriptDb=master) but I am not sure that should be set at layout option for this button at Sitecore Rock,


If you are doing a button on Experience editor ribbon, you should add the button in the core database.

e.g, We have added a button called Unlock Item - which unlocks the locked items of other users

Steps we followed to do this:

  1. Added a button in core DB under content --> Applications --> Content Editor --> Ribbons --> Chunks --> Workflow Edit
  2. Set the click event like 'contenteditorcustom:unlockitem'
  3. Created a Custom Command and implemented the logic in Execute method (in your case executing PowerShell script)
  4. Added a patch config for the command under commands with name 'contenteditorcustom:unlockitem' and set the type to the Custom command class.

This should enable the Experience editor button to function the way you want.

Hope this helps

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