Is it mandatory for users to have admin access to be able to use the Sitecore Form Module?

I have a user with Sitecore Client Authoring role and Analytics Maintaining role, but the user is not able to see the Form Module in the Launchpad.

Is any other role specific to Forms required?

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As mentioned here you can put the user in the Forms Editor role. That should help.

The documentation here states for the Forms Editor role:

Gives users access to the Sitecore Forms, Campaign Creator, and Marketing Control Panel applications from the Launchpad. The user can execute forms editing operations such as Edit Form, Rename Form, Move Form, and Delete Form.

  • Yes it worked, somehow the Forms Editor role was missing from my sitecore instance, got it from Vanilla.
    – Debaparna
    Jan 6, 2021 at 5:10

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