We have multiple Site in Our Sitecore 9.1 SXA environment and to improve the performance of the sites we have enabled “Cache Html [shared]" of each site but we are facing below issue.

• Intermittent issue - Latest Content not display :- Whenever a content is updated and published to web DB it not display immediately, to make it display we need to uncheck the “Cache Html [shared]" checkbox and then publish the content then only content display.

• Is it necessary to add SXA website in patch file to so that the cache get cleared on publish?

• Form antiforgerytoken get cached :- so when we enabled “Cache Html [shared]" for a site and submit its form then it gives “antiforgerytoken” token issue because of antiforgerytoken get cached. It works if we uncheck this checkbox “Cache Html [shared]".

• Is there a way to clear cache of only a site on demand? the cache.aspx page clears cache for all the renderings.

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