I'm creating a price book programatically calling the IAddPriceBookPipeline. I see as a result of that call that the book is created. Next of I'm trying to associate the same Book with a Catalog. I do that using the IAssociateCatalogToBookPipeline, passing on the CatalogAndBookArguments the book name and catalog name.

var arg = new CatalogAndBookArgument(bookName, catalogName);
await _associateCatalogToBookPipeline.Run(arg, context);

When I run this piece of code I noticed the relationship was never set in Experience Commerce so I looked into the database in the table CatalogLists and noticed that the relationship was not being created and inspecting the logs I found an error which seems to be coming from the CreateRelationshipBlock:

"Entity not found for Source:Entity-PriceBook-GBPriceBook, Target:Entity-Catalog-GBCatalog, Relationship type:PriceBookToCatalog"

And this is aborting the pipeline execution when this error is hit. Is there a format on how this relationship should be set and also what could be the cause for this issue?

I know one could go and add the Price Book to a list with the Catalog being the Entity but this should be taken care by the IAssociateCatalogToBookPipeline no?

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It seems PriceBookToCatalog relationship definition is missing. This is often an indication that the environment was not initialized properly. Try to reinitialize the environment and make sure the relationship definitions are

  • That was the issue. There was a custom block causing an exception in the Environment initialization and this was having the side effect of the PriceBookToCatalog not the be present in the CatalogEntities table in the database.
    – Diego
    Jan 14, 2021 at 21:12

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