I have a requirement to fetch the linked item from its linked sub item along with some linked item from the parent item's field. Below is the scenario.

I have a "Landing Page" In the "Landing Page", I have a field called "List", In the "List" field, I have linked one page called "Main List". In the Main List page, I have a field called "childrens", In the childrens field, I have linked few pages, I want to get these pages in my scriban along with some other items field value. Am facing difficulties getting the linked items from sub-item.

Below is the code I am trying with. Any suggestions and guidance would be thankful in advance.

myList = i_item["List"]
$consolidatedItems = []

for eachLinkedItem in (sc_followmany i_item "Pages")
    $consolidatedItems = $consolidatedItems | array.add (eachLinkedItem)

$consolidatedItems = $consolidatedItems | array.add (myList["children's"])   

{{$consolidatedItems | array.size}}

{{for i_item in $consolidatedItems}}

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First - don't reuse the i_item variable, that should stay as the object passed in. Use a new variable name for your loop.

Next, you can just nest the sc_follow or sc_followmany to get further down the list.

{{for i_pageItem in $consolidatedItems}}
   {{ for i_child in (sc_followmany i_pageItem "Childrens") }}
       <h2>{{ sc_field i_child "Title" }}</h2>
   {{ end }}

That will loop through the $consolidatedItems array and render the Title field on the target items.

You can do this as many times as you want, although I would advise that you should probably do something custom in your controller/repository if you have a complex set of rules regarding which items should be displayed. Try not to put too much logic in your scriban.

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    Thank You Richard. It solved my problem!
    – Jey
    Commented Jan 29, 2021 at 4:35

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