We have implemented a custom device tablet in Sitecore, and to test it we wish to render the website as if that device was in use. How do we accomplish that?

Using Sitecore 8.1

  • Which version of Sitecore you are using?
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The Experience Editor (previously Page Editor) allows you to switch between devices. Also for the Preview mode.

Ribbon > Experience > Click on current device > Select preferred device

Screenshot - Ribbon > Experience > Click on current device > Select preferred device


You can switch the device manually using the built-in query-parameter sc_device in the url, followed by the name or ID of the device:



You can also use the Device Simulator.

Switch to Preview mode, then from the View ribbon the Simulator button will be enabled and you can preview the page with a different device.

Device Simulator

This is paricularly useful if you are using Responsive Web Designs. If you are using a custom device you may also have to switch the Device as suggested in the other answers.


You can use two things:

If its only about testing the device detection

  • Change the device parameters in URL manually or use Sitecore ribbon menu with steps mentioned by @Dražen

If you want to test the device resolution and do click-thru testing

Sitecore Device Simulator

I have heard about Sitecore's AppCenter Page Preview Services and Device Detection Services but I don't have anything yet to share on that part.

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