Does anyone know how I can go about mocking the SiteSettingsProvider in Habitat?

Item sitecoreItem= mvcContext.GetContextItem<Item>();

Item settingsItem= settingsProvider.GetSetting(sitecoreItem, "Settings", "General");

return  mvcContext.SitecoreService.GetItem<ISettings>(settingsItem.ID.Guid);

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Assuming you are talking about mocking SiteSettingsProvider - then you should code against ISiteSettingsProvider abstraction over concrete impl.

Similar with MvcContext -> should use IMvcContext abstraction instead.

That way your code would operate with logical contracts (instead of concrete impl) and become unit-testable.

Here is an example with AutoFixture attribute to power abstract members generation (with NSubsitute)

The test may look like:

    [AutoNSubsituteData, Theory]
    public void TestName(Item item, Item settingsItem, IMvcContext context, ISiteSettingsProvider settings)

      settingsProvider.GetSetting(sitecoreItem, "Settings", "General")

      var sut = ...            

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