Is there a way to force re-indexing of a subtree of Sitecore Commerce products (Sellable Items)? I'm using Sitecore 9.0.2 with Commerce 9.0.3.

I tried to open the developer toolbar within the Content Editor and click re-index tree, but it didn't do anything. My index strategy (sellableItemsIntervalAsynchronousStrategyMaster / sellableItemsIntervalAsynchronousStrategyWeb) is not like standard Sitecore and checks a "ManagedList" to see if there are any items which need updating/re-indexing and only re-indexes them if any items are found.

Obviously, I could just update items in Business Tools to force changes to be needed, but I want to avoid this work.

Can I "hack" the relevant managed list somehow? I'm not even sure of the underlying technology involved with the managed lists - I found Sitecore.Commerce.Plugin.ManagedLists.ManagedList which seems to be the base class, but not sure where this data is stored.

I need to avoid doing a full re-index as this is very time-consuming.


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