I am working on setup a local XP0 Sitecore 10 development env for training, and one of the learning curves is to host the headless MVP site without containers, I had installed all pre-perquisites, also created a new asp.net core site, and published the artifices to it and everything works fine, however, when I tried to open the site in Experience editor I got this error.

Connection to your rendering host failed with a Not Found error. Ensure the POST endpoint at URL http://mvp-rendering/jss-render has been enabled.

checking Sitecore Configuration :


not sure what is the "/jss-render" that is part of the URL

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The Not Found error can be misleading, it's output for any web exception -- either a 404 or a 500 would trigger it. Double check the logs of your rendering host for any errors.

Also, ensure you have the Experience Editor configured in your Startup.cs:

Additionally, if you are using/following the public Sitecore examples, you will need to ensure that the EnableExperienceEditor value of the Sitecore section in your appsettings.json is true, or that an environment variable (Sitecore__EnableExperienceEditor) is configured to true. This is used in the examples to allow disabling of the Experience Editor endpoint outside your firewall.


based on chat on Slack channel , adding "EnableExperienceEditor": true solve the issue

also more detailed can be found https://robearlam.com/blog/net-core-renderinghost-experience-editor-404-error

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