We're using Sitecore 9.1 and are having some issues with our session management. After changing it from Redis to InProc (both session-state and shared session-state), the issues disappeared.

What surprised us is that we saw that the load on the Redis server didn't go away. It stayed the same at about 400-500 gets/sets per second. So my question is, where do these requests originate? Is there another process using Redis?

Thanks for any insights provided.



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If you are on managed cloud (Azure Paas), these are the config files that are referencing Redis

  1. App_Config\ConnectionStrings.config ("redis.sessions")
  2. App_Config\Sitecore\Azure\Sitecore.Analytics.Tracking.Azure.config (patch:attribute name="defaultProvider" value="redis")
  3. Web.config (sessionState configurations)

Make sure to remove these references from both CM and CD app services


If you still want to make use of Redis cache, and you are getting timeout issues, have a look at this kb article: Redis driver timeout issues.

After applying the patch, I'd recommend you to do some load testing and fine tune the thread pool values until you find the ones that best fits your app.

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