I am trying to install Sitecore 9.3 using the PowerShell scripts "XP0-SingleDeveloper.ps1". The script stops the installation and throws error on starting the Marketing Automation service.

Waiting for service 'Sitecore Marketing Automation Engine - OnePOC.xconnect-MarketingAutomationService (OnePOC.xconnect-MarketingAutomationService)' to start... Install-SitecoreConfiguration : Failed to start service 'Sitecore Marketing Automation Engine - OnePOC.xconnect-MarketingAutomationService (OnePOC.xconnect-MarketingAutomationService)'.

I am aware about this issue and one solution. This occurs when there is an un-signed certificate in root of cert store. I know about the PowerShell script that will move the certificate in a different location and the installation will work. I fixed this issue multiple times in previous project and wrote a blog as well https://darjimaulik.wordpress.com/2020/07/20/sitecore-xconnect-certificate-error-http-response-was-not-successful-forbidden/

But this time, I want to install Sitecore 9.3 without moving the certificate and XConnect must work. I am looking for some option to Allow Invalid certificate during the installation.

I have 2 more installation earlier on the same machine and when I ran the script earlier, It found a Certificate and moved it. This certificate is for our VPN connection. Moving that created some major issues in security. I want to avoid the same issue again.

The Answer mentioned at Sitecore 9.3 Installation failing - 'Failed to start the Marketing Automation Engine service Does not help in my case.

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You can remove the marketing automation startservice in xconnect-xp0.json and continue with your installation. once installation is completed, you can start the service manually.

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