When I try to use the below command "dotnet sitecore ser push"

i got the below error

Unrecognized command or argument 'ser' Unrecognized command or argument 'push'

The issue occurs because of "ser, serialization" not available under commands as shown below image.

CLI command for push sitecore items

Anyone know how to bring up the above commands in Powershell commands? Thanks in advance

  • which version of Sitecore are you using ? Commented Mar 10, 2021 at 11:18

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You need to add the serialization plugins.

dotnet sitecore plugin add -n Sitecore.DevEx.Extensibility.Serialization


Add Sitecore plugins with dotnet sitecore plugin list command

If this is the first command after dotnet sitecore init, the CLI attempts to resolve and install the plugins listed in the sitecore.json file.

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