I created a new field in a template, it is a Multi-Line Text(name html field).

I created a component and added on the page. I go to experience editor. click on the component to edit it. The html field comes up. I add the raw html markup and save. Instead of showing HELLO it shows the whole HTML markup:


This is how i am using in jss *scText="rendering?.fields?.Html" >

Using sitecore ver 9.3. What do i need to do so it doesn't show the raw html?

  • I would try to rename your field to something else than Html... Commented Mar 19, 2021 at 11:38

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You should use a rich text field instead and use the "Edit HTML" button, multi-line text is meant for plain text.

Also showing HTML code in a field like that will be confusing for a content author.

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