I have already registered for Sitecore certification exam. I need to reschedule it, but I have doubt on the allowed number of times for rescheduling process.

Can anyone help me on this?


When I took the exam it didn't appear to be a limit on how many times you can reschedule, there is however a time period when the purchase expires anyway and you need to take the exam by that date.

The only thing that was mentioned regarding rescheduling was:

I understand that if I do reschedule or cancel my registration with less than 24 hours notice, I will be required to pay an additional fee.

You can take a look at the KB article https://kryterion.force.com/support/s/article/How-to-Avoid-Exam-Rescheduling-Cancellation-Fees?language=en_US

  • Thanks for your reply, I understand that we should take exam with in expire date (3 months) but I need to know within this 3 months how many time I can reschedule it.
    – Nithya
    Mar 24 at 7:18
  • In order to receive an official answer I would suggest you contact training@sitecore.net for any questions related to invoicing or your webassessor, in my case it was OLPsupport@KryterionOnline.com. If you have your account setup you can take a look at the help page webassessor.com/wa.do?page=help&tabs=1 Mar 24 at 7:29

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