the Sitecore ItemService API returns a field ÌtemUrl which contains something like this ~/link.aspx?_id=35D02976C748402A8E6F22A2827F4451&_z=z

Is it possible to turn this into a URL like www.mypage.com/hello using the ItemService API? I've tried calling <server>/link.aspx?_id.... but it returns a 404.

Do I have to use the EntityServices API?

I'm using Sitecore 9.1.1

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It is not possible out of the box in Sitecore.

Filling of item properties is not configurable, it is hardcoded:

private static void FillProperties(ItemDataModel itemModel, Item item, string urlPrefix)
    itemModel.Id = item.ID.Guid.ToString();
    itemModel.Name = item.Name;
    itemModel.Path = item.Paths?.Path;
    itemModel.Language = item.Language?.Name;
    itemModel.Version = ((item.Version != null) ? item.Version.Number : (-1));
    itemModel.IsLatestVersion = (item.Versions?.IsLatestVersion() ?? false);
    itemModel.ParentId = ((!ID.IsNullOrEmpty(item.ParentID)) ? item.ParentID.Guid : Guid.Empty);
    itemModel.TemplateId = ((!ID.IsNullOrEmpty(item.TemplateID)) ? item.TemplateID.Guid : Guid.Empty);
    itemModel.TemplateName = item.TemplateName;
    itemModel.Created = (((DateTimeOffset?)item.Statistics?.Created) ?? default(DateTimeOffset));
    itemModel.Updated = (((DateTimeOffset?)item.Statistics?.Updated) ?? default(DateTimeOffset));
    itemModel.Url = FormattableString.Invariant($"{urlPrefix}('{itemModel.Id}')");
    itemModel.DisplayName = item[FieldIDs.DisplayName];

What you can do:

  1. Inherit your new model data factory from ItemDataModelFactory
  2. Override public virtual ItemDataModel GetModel(Item item, string urlPrefix) method. It calls FillProperties. After filling properties, you should be able either add a new property for the link or change existing.
  3. Inherit from Sitecore.Content.Services.Controllers.ItemsController (it is responsible for ItemService APi). Pass to constructor your new ItemDataModelFactory instead of Sitecore.Content.Services.Items.OData.ItemDataModelFactory
  4. Register your new route
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    I went with using the EntityService to solve my problem. Thank you for your suggestion! It definitely helped me.
    – Flo
    Commented Mar 30, 2021 at 8:47

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