We have a set up with CM, CD1, CD2. Both CDs have their own 'web' database (cd1 and cd2).

We are currently using DevOps to run a powershell script that deploys to each machine. We would like to include a line in the CD deployments to publish to their respective db.

What is the best way to do this? (9.2)

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    Do you have an example script you can add to your question? Mar 26 at 12:57

Follow the logical idea Unicorn has:

  • Create a dedicated handler/page to trigger publish (similar to unicorn.aspx)
  • Place the trigger publish logic inside to start publishing to given targets
  • Use secret token concept that must be embedded into the request to trigger publish

Implementing it as a legal page would force Sitecore to start, therefore allowing you to execute publishing operation.

  • How would I call that from my script? Mar 29 at 9:18
  • Plain get request during build, like mysite.com/autopublish.aspx?token=xxx Mar 29 at 12:20

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