My question is related to the configuration of SIF installation scripts for the xConnect component.

There are some options within the example XP1 topology scripts for which I need some additional guidance beyond what is included in the parameter descriptions within the JSON files.

In the following file:

  • xconnect-xp1-collection.json

I need to understand what options are available for:

  • XConnectEnvironment
  • XConnectLogLevel

Does anyone know where these settings are documented?


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XConnectEnvironment ( Content copied from: http://thebitsthatbyte.com/sitecore-9-feature-xconnect-configuration-environment-xconnectenvironment-sif-parameter/ ) It actually unlocks a powerful feature of Sitecore 9 where you are able to set the configuration environment of xConnect allowing you to leverage different configurations for differing environments/development and testing scenarios.

For XConnectLogLevel you can use (values from https://github.com/serilog/serilog/wiki/Configuration-Basics):

  • Verbose Verbose is the noisiest level, rarely (if ever) enabled for a production app.
  • Debug Debug is used for internal system events that are not necessarily observable from the outside, but useful when determining how something happened.
  • Information Information events describe things happening in the system that correspond to its responsibilities and functions. Generally these are the observable actions the system can perform.
  • Warning When service is degraded, endangered, or may be behaving outside of its expected parameters, Warning level events are used.
  • Error When functionality is unavailable or expectations broken, an Error event is used.
  • Fatal The most critical level, Fatal events demand immediate attention.
  • Thanks Marek, this is very helpful!
    – Dean
    Mar 30, 2021 at 9:47

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