I know WFFM can save data internally, but I need to post data to a third party provider, does WFFM support this out of the box, or do you need to extend WFFM? Are there any concerns with WFFM and posting to an external system?

  • You can extend Sitecore WFFM save actions to push data to external systems. I have seen information pushed to external systems like CRM and Marketing Automations systems. If it is just push and forget I don't see any concerns. But if you need to share the context (user, engagement etc) with the external systems there can be few headaches.
    – phani
    Commented Nov 24, 2016 at 13:52

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No, Sitecore doesn't provide it out of the box, but it's designed to be extended for this purpose.

I usually use save actions to send data to third parties: It's pretty simple, as wffm gives you the values of the form, and you just has to implement you logic there. You can find out how here You need to create a class that implements ISaveAction. The entry point will be the method Execute. Then create an item under System/Modules/Web Forms for Marketers/Settings/Actions/Save Actions and add the class and dll

Usually, I check:

  • Can I make it asynchronous? I don't want the users to be waiting for the third party.
  • Do I need to support errors? In this case, it must be syncronous and handle error messages.

  • Do I need to interact with the third party with different calls? I try to use it for simple calls, if we have to implement several calls or a lot of logic, I just get the values in the actions and queue it to be processeed somewhere else.

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