I am adding the Item created field to Solr index. This is the code

        public override object ComposeValue(object source, ConcurrentDictionary<string, object> context)
            if (context == null || source == null || !(source is CatalogItemBase entity))
                return null;
            return entity.DateCreated;

I have tried DateCreated but this is not giving the correct value. I want to use the _Created Sitecore field which records the item created date. Is there any way I can read the item and get the item created date which is _Created field?


The CatalogItemBase class has a field SitecoreID

public class CatalogItemBase : CommerceEntity
    /// <summary>Gets or sets the sitecore identifier.</summary>
    /// <value>The sitecore identifier.</value>
    public string SitecoreId { get; set; }

You can get the Sitecore item based on SitecoreID and the you can get the field value like on below code.

 var item=Sitecore.Factory.GetDatabase("web").GetItem(new ID(entity.SitecoreId));
 var dateCreated=item["__Created"];

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