I am using Publishing Service and tried to implement the Publish Manager API to retrieve Publish Status, but once the publishing is completed (successfully or unsuccessfully) the PublishManager.GetStatus(handle) returns null.

So, I am not able to actually get the exact status of publishing once its completed.

Below is the code that I tried to implement:

var handle = PublishManager.PublishItem(item, new[] { _webDb }, _webDb.Languages, true, false);

if (handle != null)
  var publishStatus = PublishManager.GetStatus(handle);
  if (publishStatus != null)
    while (!publishStatus.IsDone)
      publishStatus = PublishManager.GetStatus(handle);

     // Log the publishing status once its finished
     Logger.Info("Publish Status: " + publishStatus.State);
     Logger.Info("Publish Status : IsDone: " + publishStatus.IsDone);
     Logger.Info("Publish Status : IsExpired: " + publishStatus.Expired);
     Logger.Info("Publish Status : IsFailed: " + publishStatus.Failed);                            

Also I tried to implement below, but this also returns Publish Status as null

var handle = PublishManager.PublishItem(sitemapRoot, new[] { _webDb }, _webDb.Languages, true, false);

var publishStatus = PublishManager.GetStatus(handle);

Could there be any other way by which we can get the Publishing Status to know whether it was a success or failure?

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    You can take a look at at the various APIs from the publishing dialog to figure out how to report the various publishing status and results. Apr 15, 2021 at 10:06

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If you are using the Publishing Service you can use the values that are shown on the Dashboard by accessing /sitecore/client/Applications/Publishing/Dashboard:

enter image description here

If you look at the Network tab you will see that it is doing a call to the API /sitecore/api/ssc/publishing/jobs/%7B00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000%7D/All?sourceDatabase=master. This basically retrieves a JSON with all the Jobs aswell as their statuses. The first part of the JSON looks like this:

  "Messages": [],
  "Active": [],
  "Queued": [],
  "Recent": [
      "ManifestIdList": [
      "Type": {
        "DisplayName": "Single Item"
      "TypeDisplayName": "Item publish",
      "ItemId": "{6bfa19da-4596-473d-8c78-0411cfd83799}",
      "SourceDatabase": "master",
      "ItemName": "CommonName6bfa19da-4596-473d-8c78-0411cfd83799",
      "RequestedBy": "sitecore\\admin",
      "Status": "Completed",
      "StatusMessage": "OK",
      "Languages": [
          "Code": "en",
          "DisplayName": "English"

You would use the "Status": "Completed" in your code to verify if the Job finished successfully. The same would apply to see if the Job is in Active, Queued or Recent.

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