We are adding contact through programming and it is added on Experience Profile after sometime.

How to avoid adding the same contact in Experience profile?

Code used for adding contact:

 using (var client = this.CreateClient())
                    var source = "sitecore";
                    var id = email;
                    Tracker.Current.Session.IdentifyAs(source, id);
                    var trackerIdentifier = new IdentifiedContactReference(source, id);
                    var expandOptions = new ContactExpandOptions(CollectionModel.FacetKeys.PersonalInformation, CollectionModel.FacetKeys.EmailAddressList);
                    var contact = client.Get(trackerIdentifier, expandOptions);
                    SetEmail(email, contact, client);

                    var manager = Factory.CreateObject("tracking/contactManager", true) as Sitecore.Analytics.Tracking.ContactManager;
                    Tracker.Current.Session.Contact = manager.LoadContact(Tracker.Current.Contact.ContactId);

  • What do you mean by not adding to Experience Profile? You would like to hide contacts in Experience Profile? All contacts with interactions will appear there by default – Peter Procházka Apr 22 at 5:31
  • Dont want to show contact there after adding contact through programming. I dont know can I hide or remove in Sitecore ? – User7864 Apr 22 at 5:54
  • You can explicitly deny showing Experience Profile icon in Launchpad so effectively hiding it for content editors. I am not aware of any other option – Peter Procházka Apr 22 at 6:50
  • You want to add a contact to Sitecore and not have them show up in XP? XP is a view of all the contacts in the xDB index. If you add them to xDB, they will show up in XP. – Chris Auer Apr 22 at 15:42
  • Would like to add contact in Sitecore. However, dont want to show in Experience profile. I dont know is it possible or not – User7864 Apr 22 at 16:39

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