Have a requirement to provide a filter on news articles for Author.

Created a dropdown filter based on a facet (which is based on a BlogAuthor template field which is of type single line text).

Now filter populates with author names separated out by spaces in them.

How can I populate filter with 'Author 1', 'Author 2' etc. I am using SOLR for search indexes.

Template design

Facet definition

Dropdown filter

Blog article data

Rendering on the page

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I am able to resolve the issue by updating SXA SOLR index by adding following. It seems single-line-text fields get stored as text_general so making it stored as a string brings back value as a whole and not separated by spaces.

<fieldTypes hint="raw:AddFieldByFieldName">
  <field fieldName="blogauthor" returnType="string" />

Thanks to Maarten from Sitecore slack community channel for suggestion.

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