We are using MSSQL db for all the databases(core,master,web) in sitecore, but I can see the ConnectionStringOracle.Config is enabled by default in App_config folder.

Sitecore 8.1 Update-2
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    Sitecore connection strings.
    All database connections for Sitecore are configured here.
  <add name="core" connectionString="user id=sccore;password=sccore;Data Source=XE" />
  <add name="master" connectionString="user id=scmaster;password=scmaster;Data Source=XE"/>
  <add name="web" connectionString="user id=scweb;password=scweb;Data Source=XE"/>

Is there any purpose for this and if we leave this like this will there be any issue?


The purpose of this file is allow clients who are operating on Oracle to have a default installation file for connecting to these databases.

Unlike Sitecore 'Include' patch files, it does not need to be disabled/enabled because it's use is driven by the reference in the Web.config file (as mentioned by @Dražen Janjiček).

There will be no issue if you leave this file in your App_Config folder, unless you update the Web.config file to point at it.


Yes, but by default Sitecore targets specifically the general ConnectionStrings.config file. Review your web.config file to be sure.

<connectionStrings configSource="App_Config\ConnectionStrings.config" />

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