I am attempting to run Sitecore 10.0 in containers, but the environment fails to start successfully. If I try to access my Content Management container, I get a 404 error:

404 page not found

I see that my cm and xconnect containers have exited. Running docker-compose logs cm or docker-compose logs xconnect reveals the following error:

Service 'w3svc' has been stopped
APPCMD failed with error code 259
Failed to update IIS configuration

How can I get my container environment to start successfully?

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This error is due to an issue with Service Monitor which affects Sitecore containers based on Windows Server Core LTSC2019. The original entrypoint for the Sitecore CM container in 10.0 used ServiceMonitor.exe to start and monitor the w3wp service.

As this issue only affects LTSC2019, one fix is to switch to one of the SAC images available from Sitecore by changing the SITECORE_VERSION environment variable that's used in the default Compose configuration.


Sitecore has also resolved this issue in the latest patch releases for Sitecore 10.0.1 by replacing ServiceMonitor.exe with a custom script, one that was already being used in Sitecore 10.1. To get this update, ensure your SITECORE_VERSION is either 10.0-ltsc2019 or 10.0.1-ltsc2019 and pull the latest images:

docker-compose -f .\docker-compose.yml pull

If you are using Sitecore Docker Tools and its development entrypoint, you need to ensure you have the latest patch release of it as well.

docker pull scr.sitecore.com/tools/sitecore-docker-tools-assets:10.0.0-1809

If you are building custom images for your Sitecore containers, after pulling the latest base images and Sitecore Docker Tools images, you'll also need to rebuild your containers.

docker-compose build

If, for any reason, rebuilding your custom images is not an option or you are using custom images provided by a third party, this workaround will be helpful to get all the containers started correctly.

Re-run the command to start the containers a couple times in a row:

docker-compose up -d

Usually 2-3 times is enough for all the IIS/ServiceMonitor based containers to start without error and stay started.

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