We are fetching data from List Manager list. However, It is working fine for CM but the below code is throwing an error on CD server.

var contactListProvider = ServiceLocator.ServiceProvider.GetService<IContactListProvider>();
var contactProvider = ServiceLocator.ServiceProvider.GetService<IContactProvider>(); 
var contactList = contactListProvider.Get(Guid.Parse(listId), new CultureInfo("en"));

When we try to run above code then contactListProvider value is null on CD.


List Management services DI is configured for Content Management or Standalone Roles. Please check configuration: \App_Config\Sitecore\ListManagement\*.config. To enable the services for CD you need to patch Sitecore.ListManagement.Services.config config file for your CD role.

  • After adding patch file, getting this error "Could not find configuration node: databases/database[@id='master']" and I have added ContentDelivery role – User7864 May 21 at 9:23
  • That may be because in Sitecore.ListManagement.config the "ListManagement.Database is set to master and you do not have that on CD. Please review all ListManagement configs and make CD adjustments. – Alina Fodor May 21 at 9:32

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