we are getting an error when the browser is trying to download pdf documents. we are getting an error i.e. Failed to load the document.

This error we are getting for pdf files that are greater than 8MB. Download is working in the same URL. Our pdf docs are available in Azure CDN.

Below is the example URL: http://cdn-endpoint/-/media/Project/Site/shared/Attachments/New-Pdf.pdf?rev=-1&download=1

  • Did you try this solution sitecore.stackexchange.com/a/26167/2495 ?
    – Jeroen
    Jun 21 '21 at 21:00
  • Hi @Jeroen, This issue seems to be from Azure CDN side and not from sitecore side.
    – Lava
    Jun 28 '21 at 12:28
  • Did setting Media.EnableRangeRetrievalRequest to false make any difference?
    – Jeroen
    Jun 28 '21 at 15:50

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