I have a React component that I want to embed a Sitecore form into:

const ContactForm = ({ title, text, route, fields, history }) => {
  return (
    <StyledContactForm id="contact-form" className="global-padding-all">
      <div className="content">
        <div className="content-text">
          {title && <Text tag="h2" className="h1" field={title} />}
          {text && <RichText field={text} />}

        {* EMBED FORM HERE *}

My idea is to embed something like this in the commented area above and to specify the ID of the form item as one of the params:

    onRedirect={(url) => history.push(url)}

However, this doesn't work, presumably because JSS is expecting every instance of a form to be a separate rendering with that rendering's Rendering Contents Resolver set as Sitecore Forms Resolver and the datasource of that rendering pointed to a Sitecore Form item.

Is there a way this could be done?

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