I have 1 solution for Sitecore 9.3 with 4 projects (ASP .Net 4.7.1 MVC) using the Helix principles. I added references Sitecore.Kernel.NoReferences (9.0.180604), Sitecore.MVC.NoReferences (9.0.180604) and Sitecore.MVC.Analytics.NoReferences (9.0.180604) from Sitecore public Nuget Feed.

I removed Global.asax, App_Data, and App_Start from every project. Also, Web.config files have None as Build Action.

Everything compiles perfectly without errors, however, when I enter the site this error jumps. Could not load type Sitecore.HealthCheck.DependencyInjection.HealthChecksBuilder

Could not load type 'Sitecore.HealthCheck.DependencyInjection.HealthChecksBuilder'

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You added wrong versions of nuget packages. Instead of 9.0.180604 use


You overwrote 9.3 dlls with 9.0 dlls. They are not compatible.

If you don't need dependencies, you can use Ignore dependencies option, but it's gonna be easier to upgrade if you don't use .NoReferences packages.

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