Recently upgraded Sitecore 8.1 to 9.3, after that we are trying to open Sitecore instance and website in same browser with different tab

but custom web services are not getting called while it is working if we browse website only.

Also getting same issue in incognito browser when browsing Sitecore instance & website in different tabs.

I investigated but not sure there is an AspNet.Cookies conflict, if we remove cookie then it start working for website but need to login again for Sitecore instance again.

Please let me know for any query or suggestion.


Different tabs in anonymous browser are not isolated. Open Sitecore in normal browser, and website in a single anonymous window, or use different browsers.

  • Client is browsing Sitecore instance and website in same browser with different tab so we can't tell to open in different browsers.
    – Kirti
    Jul 23 at 7:53

I am assuming you don't have a separate CM and CD server instances. Setup different URLs for CM and CD anyways and ask the client to use the CM url for sitecore and CD for reviewing the site. That would be the best work-around

  • we have CM & CD server instances but currently one server is working as standalone and facing issue on that.
    – Kirti
    Aug 4 at 4:09
  • Yeah... makes sense. Try different URLs for authoring and front-end as mentioned above Aug 4 at 13:57

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